Euro Shoes Premiere Collection - Moskova Ayakkabı Fuarı

Moskova Ayakkabı Fuarı
21-24 FEBRUARY 2022

EKS Fuarcılık AŞ for the "EuroShoes Moscow" fair to be held on 21- 24 FEBRUARY 2022 in Russia, one of our important target markets for our country.

It organizes an individual participation organization for the footwear industry.

It is thought that the "EuroShoes Moscow" fair, which is held twice a year and which is seen as an important opportunity for the increase of our current exports in the coming period, is important for our exporters who want to expand in this market and to meet with their new customers.

The participation fee of the fair to be held in Main Stage Exhibition Center is determined as 250 € / m2 excluding transportation. The participation fee includes stand rental and lighting expenses, internet connection, advertisement and promotion expenses.

Official applications for the fair You can apply to the Ministry of Economy for individual participation by the participating companies for the fair incentive through the exporters association in your region.


You can make your fair applications to EKS Fuarcılık.

Erkan Demir Gsm: 0532 364 93 48

Ata Ocaklı Gsm : 0533 470 25 58

Serkan Ekinci Gsm : 0532 642 56 74


Euro Shoes Incentive fee is1561 TL per m2.




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